Grouping edits

CINELERRA-GG recognizes as a group, the edits of different armed tracks that have aligned beginnings, regardless of whether they have the same source or aligned ends. You can drag these edits around on the timeline to construct your movie by rearranging scenes. If more than one track is armed, CINELERRA-GG will drag any edits which start on the same positions the edit the mouse pointer is currently over. Another method of Grouping of edits is performed as follows:

  1. Select each of the clips you would like to be part of a group.
  2. Use the desired Copy mode as described above to get into the buffer.
  3. Go to the Resources window Clip folder and right click on an empty spot.
  4. Choose the Paste Clip option. Now you have a named clip of the current selection.
A more traditional Grouping of edits which make a Permanent Group works as described next. A temporary group is just a set of selected clips and works the same as a single selection.
  1. Create a group:
  2. Move a group:
  3. Dissolve a permanent group:
    To ungroup select any of the group edits/clips and shift left mouse click to ungroup (same as creating). The edits will be ungrouped, and the current selection will be replaced with the ungrouped clips.

The color of the created groups are not muted and are assigned by Group Id going sequentially through the number of 1 to 64. Therefore if you dissolve a group and make it again, it will have a different Group Id and a different color.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021