Dvd Interlaced Chroma

CINELERRA-GG uses 4:4:4 colorspace to edit, so it is necessary to convert interlaced 4:2:0 video to 4:4:4. But you can run into problems, referred to as the chroma bug, which you see in DVD media displayed on higher resolution monitors – streaks or spiky horizontal lines are visible in the chroma channel, especially on diagonal edges. The Chroma Bug is specific to MPEG and 4:2:0 encoding.

Now you can use the YUV420P DVD Interlace Mode when rendering DV directly to mpeg2 through a yuv4mpeg stream and when using video effects on HDV video.

With this option enabled, improved chroma results will be obtained from your DV or HDV source. Editing DV or HDV and rendering it back to the same format does not require any special handling. In order to perform colorspace conversions correctly in CINELERRA-GG and avoid Chroma errors for interlaced 4:2:0 video, check the box as follows:

Settings Preferences, Interface tab, Operation section, Use yuv420p dvd interlace format

This option maintains the interlacing in Chroma sample addressing, which ordinarily would be deleted because the upsampling of interlaced chroma fields is normally done using a progressive algorithm. With this mode enabled, the MPEG decoder uses a different algorithm for interlaced frames so that the 4:2:0 format chroma interlacing is preserved.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021