Export to EDL

CMX3600 is an outdated and limited format for EDL. For example it only goes up to 999 edits per project, supports only 4 audio tracks per video track and supports only Cuts, Fades and Keys. But it has the advantage of being a standard format supported by many NLEs. CINELERRA-GG uses a rich XML format that is not compatible with other NLEs. You can use the Export to EDL option to try to produce EDL files of type CMX3600 in strict mode and thus be able to bring them into other NLEs. Given the limitation of this format, however, it is difficult to get a working EDL file that exactly reproduces the original xml. This feature also produces files that each contain a video track or an audio track and does not embed video with audio or audio with audio. Manual intervention with a plain text editor on the produced EDL files may be necessary. For example, if the program in which you want to open the EDL reports the message of not being able to find the source files, then we can manually add the path to each line that reports the source file.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021