Export Project – Save or Moving Project to another Computer

Figure 4.7: Export Project option popup and the 3 available options.
Image export

A File pulldown called Export Project... is also available (figure 4.7). Although, it can be used in the same manner as the other save options, it is very useful when it is necessary to move a project to another computer that may have a different top level directory structure or if you want to include subdirectories to better organize your files.

Originally, the easiest way to maintain a project for moving to another computer, was to put all of the files in a single directory with no subdirectories along with the EDL saved .xml file. This is commonly called a flat file structure. So if the media was in the same directory as the XML file, a relative path was saved. If it was in a different directory, an absolute path was saved.

Definition of Fields:

Project Directory
name of the directory where you want the xml file to be saved. It will only create a subdirectory in 1 level of the defined directory. Available option types for saving a project:
all files are copied to the project directory and the xml is saved; same as original flat. Option is very useful to ensure all files needed to illustrate a problem are available for analysis.
symbolic links are created for absolute paths of media in their current location.
symbolic links are created for relative paths of media in their current location. This option allows for using relative paths without the requirement to maintain a flat file structure and makes it easy to move to another computer.
Overwrite files
when checked, if any files with the same name currently exist in the directory, they will be overwritten. In any case, the named XML file will always be overwritten.
Reload project
when checked, after the save option the new saved project will be loaded. Default is not to do so.

Keep in mind that to maintain the integrity of your project xml file for easy moving to another computer, do not delete the symbolic links. You will want to use cp -a to maintain the links for moving to a USB key or another computer.

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