File Format section

File Format
this determines the output file format for recordings. It depends heavily on the type of driver used. The menu selections are the same as those of the rendering interface.
Record audio tracks
toggle must be enabled to record audio.
Record video tracks
toggle must be enabled to record video. The wrench button left of both the audio and video tracks toggle, opens a configuration dialog in order to set the compression scheme (codec) for each audio and video output stream. The audio and video is wrapped in a container format defined by the File Format menu. Different wrappers may record audio only, video only, or both. Some video drivers can only record to a certain container. If the video driver is changed, the file format may be updated to give the supported output. If you change the file format to an unsupported format, it may not work with the video driver.
Realtime TOC
setup for DVB recording to automatically generate a Table of Contents. This will scan the stream data on the fly on its way to being written while the asset is being captured. ??

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