Audio In section

Record Driver
is used for recording audio in the Record window. It may be configured the same as the Record Driver for video if the audio and video are wrapped in the same stream. Available parameters vary depending on the driver. The drivers are the same as described in Playback A/B with the addition of DVB and V4L2 MPEG but no Raw 1394.
DVB Adapter
name of a suitable DVB adapter for linux that is usb connected to your computer and has a connected broadcast TV antenna.??
your DVB adapter device number, which is usually 0.
same as described in Playback A/B audio section.
Follow audio config
Samples read from device
a good value is 2048 or approximate dev buffer size (2k - 16k probably). Samples to write to disk – at a time. First, audio is read in small fragments from the device. Then, many small fragments are combined into a large fragment before writing to disk. The disk writing process is done in a different thread. The value here determines how large the combination of fragments is for each disk write. A good starting value is 48000 but this will will most likely automatically change, probably to 44100 if necessary.
Sample rate for recording
regardless of what the project settings are, the value set here will be the sample rate used for recording. The sample rate should be set to the highest value the audio device supports.
Channels to record
usually set to 2.
Map 5.1 2
eave unchecked to record all possible channels.
usually leave at default of 1.0, but this device level gain corrects for hardware conditions on some devices which need help. This gives you the ability to fine tune the audio volume by some numerical value for the scale. It is useful as better explained for the Gain in the Playback A/B Audio section discussed previously.
Record in realtime priority
(root only) – only experts might want to use this because it interferes with ordinary time-share scheduling and can lock up the system. When this is enabled, audio gets the first shot and burns audio until audio lets go.

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