Video In section

Record driver
used for recording video in the Record window. It may be configured the same as the Record Driver for video if the audio and video are wrapped in the same container. Available parameters vary depending on the driver. The drivers available are as follows.
DVB Adapter
name of a suitable DVB adapter for linux that is usb connected to your computer and has a connected broadcast TV antenna.??
your DVB adapter device number, which is usually 0.
Follow video config
Frames to record to disk at a time
frames are recorded in a pipeline. First, frames are buffered in the device. Then, they are read into a larger buffer for writing to disk. The disk writing is done in a separate thread from the device reading. For certain codecs the disk writing uses multiple processors. The value set here determines how many frames are written to disk at a time.
Frames to buffer in device
the number of frames to store in the device before reading and this determines how much latency there can be in the system before frames are dropped.
if set to Software timing, use software for positioning information. Video uses audio for synchronization, but most sound cards do not give accurate position information so selecting this option makes CINELERRA-GG calculate an estimation of audio position in software instead of hardware for synchronization. You can also choose Presentation Timestamps, Device Position, or Sample Position.
Sync drives automatically
for high bitrate recording, the disk drives you use may be fast enough to store the data but your operating system may wait several minutes and stall as it writes several minutes of data at a time. This forces the operating system to flush its buffers every second instead of every few minutes to produce slightly better real-time behavior.
Size of captured frame
is the size of the recorded frames in pixels. It is independent of the project frame size because most video devices only record a fixed frame size.
Frame rate for recording
the frame rate recorded is different from the project settings. This sets the recorded frame rate.

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