Image Sequence Creation

Example script to create a jpeg list sequence file is next. It can be modified to create a list for exr, gif, ppm, png, tga, or tiff sequences instead by changing JPEGLIST to be EXRLIST, GIFLIST, PPMLIST, PNGLIST, TGALIST, or TIFFLIST.
dir=$(dirname "$out")
geom=$(anytopnm "$1" | head -2 | tail -1)
w="$(echo $geom | cut -d " " -f1)"
h="$(echo $geom | cut -d " " -f2)"
exec > $out
echo "# First line is always format_typeLIST"
echo "# Frame rate:"
echo "29.970030"
echo "# Width:"
echo "$w"
echo "# Height:"
echo "$h"
echo "# List of image files follows"
while [ $# -gt 0 ]; do
  f=./`basename "$1"`
  echo "$f"
To use this script, you will have to install the package on your operating system that includes anytopnm which is ususally netpbm. Example usage of this script follows:

        ./ outfile infiles*.jpg

where is just the name chosen for this script which could be anything but has to be executable, outfile is the sequence list that is created, infiles*.jpg are the format_type files such as jpg in this example. The xxxtopnm messages that show up can just be ignored such as: jpegtopnm: WRITING PPM FILE and jpegtopnm: Error writing row. You may have to edit this script to suit your needs or to include specific directory locations. See also Filelist format.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021