Index Files section

Screencast below shows part of the Preferences menu where you can change the index files setup (figure 16.3).

Figure 16.3: Index file setup for your preferred configuration for Render Farm sharing or anything
Image index-01

Index files go here
index files exist in order to speed up drawing the audio/video tracks. This option determines where index files are placed on the disk
Size of index file
determines the size of an index file. Larger index sizes allow smaller files to be drawn faster, while slowing down the drawing of large files. Smaller index sizes allow large files to be drawn faster, while slowing down small files. The default is currently 4kB for average size files.
Number of index files to keep
to keep the index directory from becoming very large, old index files are deleted. This determines the maximum number of index files to keep in the directory.
build ffmpeg marker indexes
improves ffmpeg seeks in certain cases although not clear which ones.
Scan for commercial during toc build
used for working with broadcast TV commercial removal.
Delete existing indexes
when you change the index size or you want to clean out excess index files, this deletes all the index files.
Delete clip thumbnails
as clip thumbnails accumulate over time, you may want to delete them to get the disk space back.

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