Operation section

Probe Order
clicking on this box brings up a popup allowing you to change the probe order usually for media that is raw camera output but it is also helpful if you want to ensure that a specific driver is used for certain media; for example you may want tiff files to be read natively instead of by ffmpeg.
trap sigSEGV
always enable this so that if CINELERRA-GG crashes, a dump will be generated for analysis.
trap sigINT
always enable this so that you can use Ctrl-c to interrupt the program if it appears to be hanging. This will often generate some useful information for analysis.
Use yuv420p dvd interlace format
for DVD media this option maintains the interlacing in Chroma sample addressing, which ordinarily would be deleted because the upsampling of interlaced chroma fields is normally done using a progressive algorithm. With this mode enabled, the MPEG decoder uses a different algorithm for interlaced frames so that the 4:2:0 format chroma interlacing is preserved.
Min / Max DB for meter
Min DB is useful because some sound sources have a lower noise threshold than others. Everything below the noise threshold is meaningless. This option sets the meters to clip below a certain level. Max DB sets the maximum sound level represented by the sound meters. This value is presented merely to show how far over the limit a sound wave is. No matter what this value is, no sound card can play sound over 0 dB.
Import images with a duration of # seconds
when you load single images, like png or jpeg, automatically load for # number of seconds. This makes it easier to see an image on the timeline. If you just want the single frames, uncheck this option.
Auto start lv2 gui
some lv2 plugins display a glitzy UI (User Interface); for example the Calf plugins. For these LV2 plugins, if you want that to automatically come up without having to click on the UI button on the simplified ui interface, this is the flag to enable that.
Android Remote Control
check this to enable using an android device as a remote control for broradcast TV.
default port 23432 is used for the android remote control.
default PIN Cinelerra is used for the android remote control.
Shell Commands
this button brings up the controls for setting up your own shell commands or editing previously set up commands. See the section on Menu Bar Shell Commands for information.
Reload plugin index
execute this reload command when you have modified plugins and want to make sure your changes take effect.
Nested Proxy Path
designates the default directory path for Nested Proxy files.
Default LV2_Path
when there is no system LV2_PATH set, if you want lv2 plugins loaded, you must set the correct directory path name here. When you change this field, cin will automatically restart and load the newly specified lv2 plugins.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021