Multi-Pane Support

The main CINELERRA-GG edit window holds the Track Canvas which can be divided into 4 panes of track data: 1 or 2 vertical panes and/or 1 or 2 horizontal panes. To split the track, use the Window pulldown, and then click on Split X or Split Y depending on how you wish to split the track. Alternatively, the canvas pane types can be changed using keys <Ctrl-1> for toggle split horizontal or <Ctrl-2> for toggle split vertical. Or the track can be split into panes by using the + widget in the lower right hand corner of the track canvas. Once the track has been divided, you can use the + widget shortcut or the drag bars to change the size of the panes.

Multi-Pane, or split screen, allows you to look at the first part of a movie at the same time as a part that is a long ways away on the timeline which would have been off the screen. By having multiple panes, you can see the 2 parts you want to look at simultaneously and drag/drop easily between the 2. Also, the X pane split is extremely convenient for laptop users and computer monitors with small screens since it can be used with horizontal scrolling with the mouse wheel + Ctrl. The Y-pane split makes it easy to see 2 simultaneous drag and drop zones when you have lots of tracks (figure 2.8).

Figure 2.8: Shown are 4 panes that have split in X and Y the main track canvas
Image multi-pane01

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021