Window Layouts

If you like to use different window layouts than the default for certain scenarios, you can setup, save, and load 4 variations. First, position your CINELERRA-GG windows where you want them to be and then use the Window pulldown and choose Save layout. Note the words Save layout highlighted in Figure 2.7a with 4 names shown to the right and below of that highlight. To use the default name of Layout #, when the popup comes up, just click the green checkmark OK on the Layout popup menu. If you would like a specific name for your layout so you can remember what its best use case is, keyin 1-8 english characters that are meaningful to you (english characters mean you can not use the German umlaut, the French accent, or the Spanish ñ). Legal characters are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _ (the underscore character) and a limit of 8 total. If you keyin more than 8, only the last 8 characters will be used. To rename a currently existing layout, use the Save layout option again on the one to rename, and keyin a different name into the text box or leave blank for the default name (figure 2.7b).

Figure 2.7: Window Layouts
Image window_layout1
Image window_layout2

The files containing the coordinates for your layouts will automatically be saved in the $HOME/.bcast5 directory as layout#_rc or layout#_8chars_rc.

To use the desired layout, keyin the shortcut or use the Window pulldown and choose Load layout and then make your choice. It is very beneficial to learn the the associated shortcut layouts (Ctrl+Shift+Fx where x is 1,2,3, or 4) because they can be executed from any of the 4 windows instead of just the main timeline window.

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