Playback A / Playback B

CINELERRA-GG supports 2 separate preferences for the playback configuration. CINELERRA-GG can be operated in a single or dual screen configuration, both by using Xinerama or dual screen configuration of X windows. It will take some setup using Xconfig to make this work.

The Settings Preferences menu has Playback A and Playback B tabs. The target display and audio device configuration can be separate, to support up to 2 display and/or audio device stations. The active configuration displays an asterisk (*) in its selection tab and the selected tab will be made active when OK is pressed. For example: you may have a dual screen monitor system with the left screen showing the CINELERRA-GG main window and the right screen showing the composer. Another setup might use a monitor for the left screen and an HDTV as the right screen displaying the composer. When a playback configuration is selected, the audio/video device configuration is switched to the playback selection. The active playback setup can be changed through use of the menu pulldown of Settings Preferences or via the remote control menu selection (see the section Remote Control for DVB for more detail).

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021