The user's default settings, preferences, and other helpful files are retained across sessions in a hidden file, called .bcast5, in the user’s $HOME directory. Initially when CINELERRA-GG is launched there is an empty project and there are program default settings, and from then on the .bcast5 directory will contain the settings that were set when quitting. If you need to revert to the default settings, delete the .bcast5 directory contents and restart CINELERRA-GG. Or you may want to rename it temporarily if you think you might want it back later. Although the location defaults to $HOME/.bcast5, you can use the CIN_CONFIG variable to override this location. For example: export CIN_CONFIG=/tmp/.bcast5 will use a temporary setup for testing purposes. It is also useful for multiple users sharing the same home directory who would like to have different configuration/preferences settings data. And if you are experiencing inexplicable errors or crashes in CINELERRA-GG, they may be due to a problem with .bcast5 in which case taking it out of the picture can at least eliminate this as the cause. Another use case is if we want multiple installations of CINELERRA-GG, for example one stable and one experimental, we can create the .bcastX folder externally and then set it as default with the option Index files go here in Index Files section.

Several ways exist to change CINELERRA-GG’s operational characteristics. A lot of variations can be made to settings and preferences by using the Settings pulldown from the main window and choosing Preferences.

In addition, there are currently 2 settings that can only be manually changed in your $Home/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc file and then done so by very careful editing. These include FAST_SPEED and SLOW_SPEED which allow you to modify the default 2X speed of Fast forwward and the .5X speed of the #2 keypad for Slow speed forward play. For example, adding the 2 lines FAST_SPEED 4 and SLOW_SPEED .2 to the end of the Cinelerra_rc wile will result in playing at 4X faster and 5X slower.

Another example of user modifiable settings involving the plugins menu in the Resources window, can be found in Expanders for Plugin Subtrees in the Resources Window.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021