Expanders for Plugin Subtrees in the Resources Window

To accentuate a set of common plugins, there are expander arrows on the left side of the Resources window. You will see these expanders only when in Display text mode, not icon mode. CINELERRA-GG’s default setup is in the file $CIN_DAT/expanders.txt but if the user wants their own specific setup and if the file in $HOME/.
exists, it will take precedence. If there are recommendations for other relevant categories, they can be added. The subtree structure is applicable to any of the Video Effects/Transitions or Audio Effects/Transitions. You can not sort once an expansion is in effect (figure 10.11).

The expanders.txt file has very specific requirements. The most specific is that there are no blanks – you must use tabs only. A # (pound sign) can be used in column 1 to indicate a comment. A short example of what the txt file looks like is shown below.

Figure 10.11: Down facing triangle, Right facing triangle = expander; "-" = options
Image expander

Video Effects
    - Color_Correction
        Blue Banana
			  Color 3 Way
        Color Balance
Audio Effects
    - Calf
    - Instruments / Generators
        L2_Calf Organ
        L2_Calf Monosynth
        L2_Calf Fluidsynth

NOTE: The capability to put the expanders.txt file in ./bcast5 (see .bcast5) allows for customizations such as grouping favorite plugins in one section so that they can be recalled more quickly. For this purpose, the Favorites section has been included at the top of Video Effects, the contents can be changed as desired. Once your modified file is saved to hard disk as $HOME/.bcast5/expanders.txt it will remain in use on every update as long as you do not delete it or remove the .bcast subdirectory. For users running CINELERRA-GG using the AppImage, to make an initial copy of expanders.txt, execute the following lines on /tmp:
        git clone --depth 1 "git://git.cinelerra-gg.org/goodguy/cinelerra.git" cinelerra5
        cp /tmp/cinelerra5/cinelerra-5.1/expanders.txt $HOME/.bcast5/expanders.txt

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