Program Selection Support after Load

Some kinds of media have program streams, like captured mpeg broadcast stream data. For example, you may be able to tune to channel 9, but be able to see 9-1, 9-2, and 9-3 on your TV. If you open a capture of this kind of media, all of the channels are present in the timeline. To select and view just one program, you can use Alt-1 to select program 1, or Alt-2 to select program 2, etc. up to Alt-8. This will remove all of the other unrelated tracks and reset the format. This feature can be used even if there is only one program, by pressing Alt-1, and the effect will be to reset the session format to the parameters from the media probe. Note that there may be several audio programs associated to a video stream; for example, there may be dialog in another language or some kind of descriptive dialog. Since the first associated audio is always selected, this may not produce the intended results.

Figure 4.6: Multiple program streams and Asset Detail
Image stream

Below are screenshots illustrating multiple program streams (figure 4.6). The left screenshot is a partial main CINELERRA-GG window showing a pre-recorded broadcast TV media/audio stream with 2 programs plus several associated audio tracks. The second screenshot of Asset Detail provides detailed information on each of the streams obtained through executing the Info Details as explained in the section Info Asset Details.

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