Info Asset Details

The asset Info window also can be used to display detailed information about the selected/highlighted media file – available for any loaded media of type mpeg or ffmpeg. This is extremely helpful in determining what type of media it is, size, resolution, format, and type/number of audio streams. It is especially useful for multiple program streams. You can have the info window popped on several of your assets simultaneously.

Detail opens an additional window with more information.

Sample rate and Frame rate allows you to impose a different sampling or Fps of the audio and video assets.

Another option is Resize button, which allows you to change the size (in pixels) of the frame of the asset.

Asset's interlacing is the type of interlacing the asset has: If the file is (H)DV type, recognition and configuration is done automatically. All other media types will be set unknown. So we have to manually set the interlacing 5.

Figure 2.25 shows the Detail box to click on the left side and a simple, typical output in the Asset Detail window on the right side. Also, note the highlighted media in the Resources window.

Figure 2.25: Info windows with the 'Detail' box
Image info_asset_details


... interlacing5
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