Resources Window

Effects, transitions, labels, clips, proxies, user bins, and media assets are accessed here. Most of the resources are inserted into the project by dragging them out of the resource window. Management of resource allocation is also performed here.

Figure 2.24: Folders are in the first column with contents of that folder on the right hand side
Image resource_window

The resources window is divided into two areas (figure 2.24. One area lists folders and another area lists the folder contents . Going into the folder list and clicking on a folder updates the contents area with the contents of that folder. The folders can be displayed as icons or text. There are several variations for displaying the contents; select Display text, Display icons, Display icons packed, Display icons list as types of display for the assets or plugins. Use the letter “V” to easily scroll through the choices and see which you prefer. You can also get to these options from the menu by a right mouse click in the window.

A Search option is available for any of the folders in the Resources window (and when using Attach effect on the main track canvas for the Plugins). As you type in characters a match is made with that substring. Names that do not match are filtered out making it a lot easier to find the item you are looking for. The characters can be any where within the phrase and it does not matter if upper or lower case.

Other options you will see if you right mouse click in the folder which brings up the menu are described next .

Load files
for convenience to load files same as from the main window so you do not have to move the mouse so far in case you have multiple monitors.
Display text/icons
as described previously for format variations preference.
options are All, Used, Unused, and None. This gives you the capability to have a set of the contents highlighted for ease of use so you can see what is or is not loaded, or unset the highlight.
Sort items
to sort the contents of the folder alphabetically. Especially helpful if you accidentally did a drag and changed your mind or dropped suddenly so that the assets no longer look nicely aligned.
Copy/Paste file list
use to easily copy a set of files or paste a set of files between CINELERRA-GG and other programs or operating system windows.
use to take a quick snapshot or to grab a specific area on the screen. These functions are described in detail in section 2.5.7).

Using the right mouse click to bring up a menu in the folder area , you can also switch from Display text to Display icons, Sort items and create, delete and manipulate user defined folders/bins. Select Folder to create a user Folder or modify an existing folder.

If you right mouse click on a highlighted/selected resource, several options are available depending on whether the resource is an effect or transition or a piece of media. You can highlight several for some options so that it is applicable to all of them, such as Info. Those listed immediately below are the available choices for media assets .

provided basic Asset information; details are described later in this section.
Display text/icons
same as mentioned previously.
same as mentioned previously.
Rebuild index
if you switch from/to using ffmpeg/native for media loading, you should rebuild indexes. Or if you get hangs on media or strange looking tracks, you might want to rebuild indexes.
use this option to bring up the media in the Viewer window.
View in new window
in order to not overwrite your current viewer window, you can open any number of viewer windows to simultaneously view multiple media.
Open mixers
when you record with multiple cameras setup, you can work with them most easily using the mixer mode. This is described in detail
if you need to change your media parameters you can choose from the following: Match frame rate, Match project size, Match all
use to Remove the asset from the project or with caution, to Remove from disk permanently.

In the case of Effects or Transitions , a right mouse click on a highlighted selection leads to an Info button which gives a short 1 line description of what the effect/transition can be used for. For Labels , choices are Edit, Label, and Go to. For Clips , Nest and UnNest as described elsewhere are available.

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