Moving clips/media from/to Resources window

If you have several media files loaded into the Resources window of one instance of CINELERRA-GG and want to load some of the same ones into another instance or just want a listing to save in a file for later use, you can do this with these set of steps:

Copy or paste a list of files in the Media Resources window:

  1. create a highlighted selection of the desired media files in the media Resources window
  2. right click on an unused portion of that window to bring up the popup menu
  3. select the Copy file list item and a file list box will appear that contains the full path filenames
  4. wipe the textbox using your standard copy/paste method to put the list of files in the copy buffer
  5. in another CINELERRA-GG instance, choose the Paste file list of the media Resources window
  6. paste the list of files, again using your standard paste method, into the new file list box; press OK
  7. the status bar of the main window will be updated as the file list is loaded to the media folder (the purpose of displaying the status is simply to show that the load is progressing normally).

Obviously this Paste file list feature means you can create a list of files outside of CINELERRA-GG using an editor, wipe the names, and then use Paste file list to load them into the media Resources window.

It is important to note that in the steps above, the Operating System cut and paste capabilities are in use for steps 4 and 6 as opposed to CINELERRA-GG’s c/v shortcuts. Since the procedure varies among the distros, you will have to adapt to your specific one. For example, a usage for ubuntu consists of:

  1. Ctrl-c to copy the list of files; open gedit; Ctrl-v to paste the list of files into gedit
  2. Ctrl-c or the standard way using the right click to copy this list from gedit
  3. Ctrl-v paste the list of files into the new file list box, and press OK

Figure 2.35: Example of copy file list
Image copy_files1
Image copy_files2

In the Figure 2.35, one instance of CINELERRA-GG has 3 items in the Media area highlighted that were copied to the file list. Note how it includes the full pathname.

In this screenshot on another instance of CINELERRA-GG, there are only 2 items in the media but the Paste file list box is ready to have the items inserted via the standard text box paste method. When that is done, the additional 6 media files will be available on this other instance too.

Another possible usage of this capability:

  1. Right Click on the Clips Resources window and use the Paste Clip option to paste the Copy selection as a clip.
  2. Similarly, by highlighting a clip in the Resources window and selecting its copy popup menu item using the right mouse button, that copy buffer can now be loaded onto the timeline.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021