Vicons & Aicons – aka Video Icons / Audio Icons

Vicons are video icons. Aicons are audio icons. By default the Resources window will play the first 5 seconds of video or audio waveform looped in the area occupied by the media icons (figure 2.31). This is enabled for the Media/Proxy folders in icon mode when the mouse pointer is inside the Resources window.

Figure 2.31: Note "Full Play" mode and Vicons and Aicons in Media folder
Image vicons1

The waveform in the figure 2.32 is displayed in the Resources window in the color green for the 3 audio tracks. There is a colored bar on the top of each a-icon where the color is based on the Color Spectrum – the smaller the time duration, the redder the color; then as the time duration goes up, the color goes up so that you will go to green, then yellow, then blue, then really dark blue, then purple for the audio files 1 hour and over. There are various other colors between these colors same as that seen in the color spectrum in the screenshot below. Colors are utilized from the hue wheel in the counter-clockwise direction. Note that the horizontal line in the middle of the a-icon is yellow/red representing the 2 audio tracks and is only red for mono.

Figure 2.32: Draw Vicons | Screenshot display various audio file lengths; red is shortest.

\begin{tikzpicture}[scale=1, transform shape]
\node (img1) [yshift=0cm, xshift=...
...[->, line width=1mm] (Arrow1) edge ([yshift=-5mm] img2.east);

Note that if in Settings Preferences under the Appearance tab, you have unchecked Use thumbnails in resource window you will only have default icons and none of the above capabilities.

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