Most cameras take the light coming into the lens, and convert that into 3 sets of numbers, one for Red (R), one for Green (G), and one for Blue (B). Figure 10.56 showing RGB shift before and after.

Figure 10.56: Bad Misaligned color and after color aligned
Image rgbshift

Some of the older cameras were composed of 3 sensors and originally the RGB sensors were on 3 separate planes and had to be aligned. If they were misaligned in the video, you can use RGBShift to get them realigned. To move a specific color up/down, modify the dy value using the slider bar in the RGBShift window. To move a color left/right, modify the corresponding dx value. For maximum precision you can use the input box. Clear buttons are present to reset its slider to default without affecting others. Note that the current values of the RGBShift are maintained in the .bcast5 defaults file and will be retained across sessions. If using the YUV color space, you will want to use YUVShift instead.

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