For analog video or MPEG (including DVD) output, the maximum range for R,G,B is [16, 235] (bit). For YUV, the maximum range for intensity (Y) is [16, 235] (bit). This range corresponds to gray levels from 6% to 92%. When rendering, values outside of these ranges will be clipped to these limits.

To render to MPEG, add the RGB-601 effect to all video tracks where material uses the full intensity scale (0 - 100%), and enable RGB 601 compression. Consider adding the Videoscope effect after RGB-601 to see how RGB-601 affects your dynamic range. To preview how your rendered MPEG would look without RGB 601 compression, instead enable 601 RGB expansion and you will observe a noticeable contrast increase. Although RGB-601 will reduce contrast in your video tracks, the contrast will be restored during MPEG playback.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021