Record “on the fly” Table of Contents (TOC)

If the Settings Preferences Recording tab is selected, and the video Record Driver is changed to DVB, the file format is switched to MPEG Stream automatically (note that the audio Record Driver must also be set to DVB for broadcast recording). This kind of record stream can be captured by simply writing the hardware capture stream directly to the record capture asset file path. But by checking the Realtime TOC in the Preferences Recording window, it is possible to scan the stream data on the fly on its way to being written while the asset is being captured . The scan is used to generate a TOC – Table of Contents file in the $HOME/.bcast5 directory. This file is used by the mpeg library to view the stream. This avoids the need to scan the file on first open since the TOC builder can run in realtime.

Figure 13.9 shows the red-checked Realtime TOC for the Record Driver of DVB.

Figure 13.9: Realtime TOC check red button
Image realtime_toc

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