Size Numeric Format Displayed in File Load

There are several icon buttons at the top on the right hand side of the Load window. Each has a tooltip to explain what it is for. You can see these in the previous figure. One is for File size format. There are 4 numerical representation variations for reporting the file size in the File Load pulldown. You can see the options in the Load window to the right of the top line that read Select files to loads (figure 4.4):

this is the default and current behavior and shows bytes the same as the ls -l command.
3 significant digits suffixed by lower case k,m,g,t,b for representing magnitudes in 103 (1000)
3 significant digits followed by upper case characters for representing magnitudes in 210 (1024)
like the exact default byte representation but with comma separators for easy reading. Periods can not be used as separators due to locale conflict with ffmpeg coding.

Figure 4.4: Load windows with various Numeric Sizes
Image load-size

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021