Snapping while Cutting and Dragging

Cutting/Snapping edits

cuts from an edit handle to the insert point. There are Edit Panel buttons which normally are used to move to the previous or next edit handle/label.

Image snap

They look like tags and the letter E on the menu bar and are oriented forward/backward. These same buttons can be used to cut from the insert pointer to the previous or next edit/label when the ctrl+alt keys are both pressed when the buttons are used. They snap off the media instead of doing the standard re-positioning. This is useful to minimize the number of operations necessary to cut between edits/labels.

Instead of using the edit panel buttons, you can more easily use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform the same functions:

snap_right_edit ctrl+alt+ '.'  
snap_left_edit ctrl+alt+ ','  
snap_right_label ctrl+alt +shift '.' shift+period is the > sign on US keyboards
snap_left_label ctrl+alt +shift',' shift+comma is the < sign on US keyboards

Drag Snapping

if you hold down the Ctrl + Alt keys while dragging using the mouse, once the clip gets near to an edit, a label, an in/out pointer or the start/end of the timeline, the dragged clip will snap next to that marker. The 2 will now be exactly aligned with no gap and no overlap. As you drag the clip close to one of the markers, when they are within a short distance they start to stick and stay that way until you move further away from that distance. Also, the line will turn color from green to yellow while in the sticky phase. In addition, this works for a plugin while dragging so that it will be the same length as the edit.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021