Warnings section

ffmpeg probe warns rebuild indexes
this warning is very important for switching from using ffmpeg to using native formats, such as in the case of MPEG, so that you are reminded to rebuild indexes. If you do not rebuild the indexes, seeking on the timeline back and forth could very well be problematic, meaning it might not go to the right place. Notification about rebuilding the indexes will appear by default as shown in the figure 16.5 when you click on the FF icon in the main timeline in the upper right hand corner. Once you click on Don’t show this warning again you will no longer be warned and this flag will no longer be enabled.
Figure 16.5: Default warning when you click on FF icon in main window
Image ff_probe
EDL version warns if mismatched
in the case of a Batch Render, it is often helpful to be warned if the EDL has been changed so that you are aware that what is going to be rendered is different than your current EDL session.
Create Bluray warns if not root
if checked and you are not logged in as root, you will get an error message in order to avoid doing a lot of work and then failing out because root is required for automount and to write on DVD hardware.
Warn on creating file references
if checked, you will always be warned when using "File by Reference", that is when an EDL is opened as Reference. This is best left checked to ensure that you are aware of the fact that when changes are made to this file and rendered, any other uses of the same file will be affected and modified also.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021