Color section

Highlighting Inversion color

Modify the selection area color; default is ffffff which is white. When you make a selection, that area becomes an inverse image which by default becomes a whitish color. You can set it to a different color by modifying the hex value in the box next to Highlight inversion color. Keep in mind that if you set the value to a low value, you will not be able to see the outlined selected area (for example the hex value "f" is not readily visible and leads to confusion). A leading 0 or blank is not allowed and will be automatically changed to ffffff.

Composer BG Color

You can choose the background color of the viewer window.

YUV color space

Default is BT601; others BT709 (high definition), BT2020 (ultra high definition).

YUV color range

JPEG [0 - 255] and MPEG [16 - 235]

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