CINELERRA-GG Command Line -h

To see the command line parameters available to use with CINELERRA-GG, key in:

        <your CINELERRA-GG directory path>/bin/cin -h

What will be shown in the window where this line was entered is:


./cin [-f] [-c configuration] [-d port] [-n nice] [-r batch file] [filenames]

-d = Run in the background as renderfarm client. The port (400) is optional.
-f = Run in the foreground as renderfarm client. Substitute for -d.
-n = Nice value if running as renderfarm client. (19)
-c = Configuration file to use instead of /root/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc.
-r = batch render the contents of the batch file (/root/.bcast5/batchrender.rc) with no gui. batch file is optional.
-S = do not reload perpetual session
-x = reload from backup
filenames = files to load

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021