Performance and other Tips

Performance of CINELERRA-GG is related to the software and video format being used in conjunction with your computer system hardware – the number of CPUs and its speed, I/O bus speed, graphics card, and amount of available memory. A basic, less powerful system will be sufficient for users working with audio only or lower resolution video formats. Higher end computers will be needed when playing and working with higher resolution formats, like 1080p or 4k. Adding effects and multiple tracks will require more cpu, memory, and various other resources to perform at an acceptable level.

Perhaps the easiest method for determining if your performance could be improved is to look at the numerical value displayed as Framerate achieved. Good performance means that when Play every frame is set in Settings Preferences, Playback A tab, the frames/second (frames per second or fps) in playback might be almost always at the maximum rate of your project setting and/or video frame rate. You can check this in Settings Preferences, Playback A, by watching Framerate achieved while playing forward. A higher number is better, up to the format frame rate of the video.

Some computer hardware factors to consider for better performance are listed here:

Besides the above hardware recommendations, this section covers tips for performance improvements and tips on how to perform some specific tasks, often for older media.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021