Presented briefly here is an overview of CINELERRA-GG INFINITY and information provided in this manual. The GG version of CINELERRA has been improved for stability, modernized to accommodate the current state of Linux software, enhanced with additional basic features, and enriched with new features imagined by dedicated users and then implemented by professional programmers.

The website for the cinelerra-gg software is a good place to start for information, help, and documentation. It is professionally maintained and continuously updated with more language translations ongoing.
Software programs that just work are a #1 priority in order to be of use for producing quality videos. A large amount of time has been invested in debugging problems and resolving crashes. And in a continuous process to do so, a chapter on Troubleshooting is included in order to easily provide sufficient information for users to capture issues and crashes so that they can be analyzed and quickly fixed to avoid repeat problems.
Artistic creativity has been applied to modernize the CINELERRA-GG plugin icons for video and audio to even include the ffmpeg plugins. The Cinfinity set of plugin icons come in square or roundish versions — your choice. In keeping up with the current expectation of users for a certain look and feel, 2 very modern recent theme additions, Cakewalk and Neophyte, provide alternatives to the already existing 9 themes. These 11 themes give the user the choice to get the look they like best for their own eyes.
Current and up-to-date
For today’s software, included thirdparty libraries are kept up to date in a timely manner and effort is made to always use a relatively recent version of FFmpeg, if not the latest. This is a big deal because there is a whole set of separate programmers working on these libraries continuously and diligently to cover all of the old and newly created formats. Thus CINELERRA-GG programmers can be dedicated to working solely on CINELERRA-GG rather than just trying to keep up with many formats.
FFmpeg usage integration
By using FFmpeg with CINELERRA-GG, there is the advantage that users can directly convert videos via pre- and post-processing, without the need for command lines to be executed manually before or afterwards.
Import and Export formats
Listed here are only a few of the supported Import and Export formats:

Standard Features
Innovative New Features


In CINELERRA-GG the editing workflow is different from the workflow used by other NLEs. It is less intuitive and requires us to think first about what we want to achieve. In fact, it is a workflow based on the tracks in their entirety and not on individual clips. See workflow is different! for a comparison with the Adobe Premiere Pro workflow.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021