Example of new Plugin Icon Testing

For a simple test just copy an existing <plugin_name>.png file into the cinfinity directory with the name bluebanana.png to write over the existing file. This icon will now show up in CINELERRA-GG and still execute the Blue Banana function. AppImage does not provide this capability unless you use the workaround as described in the Appendix FAQ, Known Problems and Workarounds.

For an ffmpeg plugin, create ff_loop.png and copy it to:
<cinlib_path>/plugins/picon/original. This icon will show up in CINELERRA-GG if original is selected and execute the F_loop function.

For a ladspa plugin, the text line in $HOME/.bcast5/ladspa_plugins... as seen below: 2 am_pitchshift_1433.so
AM pitchshifter 1504922321 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0  0 indicates that you would create the icon:
For your own personal plugins, you can create a directory on your system and put any plugin png files you like into that directory. For example, if you want a specialized picon for F_aeval, create a picon named ff_aeval.png in:

cd <cinlib>/plugins            # go to the correct directory
mkdir -p picon/yournamehere    # create subdirectory if does not exist
ls -l picon/*                  # list the picon directories
                               # check for existence (and permissions)
cp yourpicon.png ff_aeval.png  # Copy your example .png file

Restart cin by changing Settings Preferences Appearance and in Plugins icons choose a directory.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021