Render Farm Usage

Render Farm uses background rendering, a feature of CINELERRA-GG where the video is rendered in the background, to speed up rendering significantly. Because rendering is memory and cpu intensive, using multiple computers on a network via a render farm is a significant gain. With CINELERRA-GG installed on all nodes, the master node and the clients communicate via a network port that you specify. The Master node is the one of the instance of CINELERRA-GG that we normally start with its gui; the other nodes are the instances of CINELERRA-GG that we decide to start in parallel from the terminal to create the Render farm (clients). CINELERRA-GG can distribute the rendering tasks over the network to the other computers of the Render Farm; or among all threads of a multicore CPU. The render farm software tries to process all of the rendering in parallel so that several computers can be used to render the results. The Total jobs to create in the setup or labels on the timeline are used to divide a render job into that specified number of tasks. Each background job is assigned a timeline segment to process and the jobs are sent to the various computer nodes depending upon the load balance. The jobs are processed by the nodes separately and written to individual files. You will have to put the files back together via a load with concatenation, or typically by using a command line tool from a script.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021