ShuttlePROv2 and ShuttleXpress Jog Wheels for Editing

The ShuttlePROv2 and ShuttleXpress are affordable jog wheels1 which can be useful for working with Cin, especially if you do a lot of playing forward/backward, fast/slow/normal, and single frames (figure 5.16). Directions for using the ShuttlePROv2 and the ShuttleXpress with CINELERRA-GG are described next. These devices work by sending keystrokes used in Cin, corresponding to the shuttle action, to the keyboard buffer. The shuttle has been fully integrated into the CINELERRA-GG code so that after the one initial setup, no further intervention is required. The multi-speed outer wheel works the same and has the same number of S positions on both shuttles but the shuttle Xpress has only 5 keys. Since the majority of user operations will most likely be with the use of the 2 wheels, the slightly smaller Xpress could be a better choice with its 5 easy to reach keys. The Pro is approximately 4×7 inches whereas the Xpress is about 4×4 inches.

Figure 5.16: ShuttlePROv2 and ShuttleXpress
Image shuttle

The vendor supplied string device names for the shuttles are currently (with the mouse duplication for in at least 1 case:


Only 1 necessary initial setup is required due to permission settings for non-root usage. As root, just copy a file that provides the necessary permissions to use the shuttle, then reboot, Example copy:

sudo cp {cindat_path}/doc/99-ShuttlePRO.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/

then the next time after you reboot, the permissions should be correct. This file only needs to contain one of the following lines depending on which shuttle version you have/use, but all will be in the file.

# for  newer PRO model
ATTRS{name}=="Contour Design ShuttlePro" MODE="0644"
# for older PRO model
ATTRS{name}=="Contour Design ShuttlePRO v2" MODE="0644"
# for the Xpress model
ATTRS{name}=="Contour Design ShuttleXpress" MODE="0644"
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0b33", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0020", MODE="0666"
SUBSYSTEMS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0b33", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0030", MODE="0666"

If you swap your shuttle, for example upgrade from an Xpress to a PROv2, just stop Cin, unplug the original shuttle, plug in the replacement shuttle, and restart Cin. If you start the CINELERRA-GG program and the shuttle does not function as before, stop CINELERRA-GG and then simply unplug it and plug it in again. There are a couple of reasons why it may stop functioning. One is because CINELERRA-GG was not stopped with the usual Quit command and the shuttle was improperly shut down when there was a crash. The other possibility is that a static discharge occurred in the area.

A default shuttlerc file is automatically used when a shuttle device is plugged in when Cin is started. This file sets up the key bindings for CINELERRA-GG to use. You can override any default settings by having a local file in your $HOME directory, named .shuttlerc to reflect your personal preferences.


... wheels1
programmatic specifications from Eric Messick

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021