Transport and Buttons Bar

This is a short description of what is contained on the Transport and Buttons Bar as seen in figure 2.4. Each of the symbols has an associated tooltip as an easy reminder of its function. The usage of several is described in a little more detail in other areas of this manual.

First set of 3 symbols Move in the reverse direction on the timeline
4th symbol Stop play
Third set of 3 symbols Move in the forward direction on the timeline
Next 2 symbols Set editing mode
Generate keyframes while tweaking Explained in 8.8
Allow keyframe spanning Explained in 8.11
Lock labels from moving with edits Toggle to lock or not lock labels from moving
Next 2 are In and Out pointers Set or unset In and Out to define an area
To Clip Create a clip of the designated area
Split / Cut Split/Cut at insertion or selected area
Next 2 symbols Usual Copy and Paste functions
Next 3 symbols Label manipulation functions
Next 2 symbols Used to move to other edits
Next 2 symbols Fitting video to the display
Next 2 symbols Undo and Redo last operation
Manual Go To Explanation after this table
Set Timecode Explained in 6.8.2
Gang Modes Explained in 5.2.1

The Manual Go To menu is quite versatile as you can see in figure 2.3. The options of = represents goto the position indicated in the textbox; + indicates to goto forward the additional number in the textbox; and - means to go in the reverse direction the number in the textbox. If you use Enter in the textbox, the menu will stay up so that you can use it without having to continuously pop it up. If you use the OK check instead, the menu will be taken down. The pulldown arrow to the right of the textbox sets the Time Format for the units to be used for position changing. This lets you change the units without having to modify your Preference.

Figure 2.3: Goto position menu
Image goto

Time Format options are:

h:mm:ss.sss hours minutes seconds milliseconds
h:mm:ss:ff hours minutes seconds frames
video frames  
audio samples  
audio samples (hex)  
ssss.sss milliseconds.xx
video frames (feet)  

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