Compositor Window

Figure 2.9: Left hand side are the toolbar functions / bottom bar has many control functions
Image compositor_window

The Compositor window (figure 2.9) is used to display the timeline output. Playing and moving along the timeline video in the Program window shows in the Compositor window what the current image is. Here is where many compositing operations are performed that can change what the timeline will look like and that is why it is called canvas. The canvas dimesions correspond, by default, to the W/H values set in the project (Set Format window).

When enabled, you can simply click the LMB in the Compositor window to start and stop play. You can zoom in and out to see small details, pan with the scrollbars, lock the window to prevent changes, add masks, and make changes with the Projector and Camera function operators. These will be explained in more detail in the following sections.

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021