Rendered Effects

Besides the Realtime effects, as has been described in the previous sections, another type of effect is performed on a section of the track and the result stored somewhere before it is played back. The result is usually pasted into the track to replace the original data. The rendered effects are not listed in the resources window but instead are accessed through the Audio Render effect and Video Render effect menu options. Each of these menu options brings up a dialog for the rendered effect. In the Select an effect dialog is a list of all the realtime and all the rendered effects. The difference here is that the realtime effects are rendered to disk and not applied under the track. Rendered effects apply to only one type of track, either audio or video. If no tracks of the type exist, an error pops up.

A region of the timeline to apply the effect to must be defined before selecting Render effect. If no in/out points and no highlighted region exist, the entire region after the insertion point is treated as the affected region. Otherwise, the region between the in/out points or the highlighted region is the affected region. The tracks to apply the rendered affect to, need to be armed, other tracks are ignored. The rendered effect processes certain track attributes when it reads its input data but not others. Transitions in the affected track are applied, but nudge and effects are not. This allows the new data to be pasted into the existing position without changing the nudge value.

How to use a rendered effect

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