There are realtime effects – these are the most useful and probably all you will ever need – and rendered effects. The rendered effects are discussed separately in the Rendered Effects section. Effects that begin with the characters F_ are effects that are part of the FFmpeg software as opposed to those coded within the CINELERRA-GG program. These are discussed separately in FFmpeg Audio and Video Plugins. Effect plugins modify the track when played, according to how they are set, with no permanent storage of the output except when the project is rendered. There are many Plugins in CINELERRA-GG Infinity which are actually quite easy to use just by experimenting with them. The plugins are shown and selected from the Resources window (figure 10.1). They are described in more detail later.

Figure 10.1: Screencast of the native Video plugins in the default Cinfinity icon set.
Image video-plugins

There is a choice of plugin icons which can be displayed.

In Settings Preferences Appearance tab, there is a pulldown for Plugin icons where the user can choose between the original icons, regular or smoother, cinfinity1 – the default modernized set, or cinfinity2 (figure 10.2).

Figure 10.2: Cinfinity2 audio plugins
Image audio-plugins

Note that when you change the plugin icons, your session will automatically save the backup, stop, restart, and reload (figure 10.3).

Figure 10.3: Screencast showing the screen to change your plugin icons set

\begin{tikzpicture}[scale=1, transform shape]
\node (img1) [yshift=0cm, xshift=...
...line width=1mm] (Icon) edge ([yshift=-34mm] img1.north west);


Cinfinity /2 icon set is credited to Sam - Creative Common By –

The CINELERRA-GG Community, 2021