Capturing and Recording Media

Figure 13.1: Actual Recording Session - note the bright green boundary box and the big arrow cursor within the "Video In" window
Image recording07

This section covers the areas of capturing media from the web or television by the use of recording.

Access the Record function via File Record...The recording application really only does one thing, capture media from some external source and write it onto a file in a specified way.

Path: output media file path  
Start time: weekday/time of day to begin capture
Duration: hrs:mins:secs until end of capture
Source: channel/device input selection of input subsource
Mode: timed use start time/duration
untimed use transport controls

The media file will be written using the format and codec specified in the Settings Preferences Recording tab, which you will need to set up first. See the Settings/Preferences section for parameters. Only ffmpeg can record both audio and video simultaneously, and some ffmpeg formats require too much cpu to do a realtime compression. A setting which is more likely to be usable (requires less cpu/memory for realtime encoding) is ffmpeg qt mp4.qt with bitrates like audio/256000 & video/6000000.

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